By Stephen J. Rose, June 9, 2008

An interesting look into the recent past, and the perspective on the middle class.

Have the richest ten percent of Americans reaped all the benefits of recent economic growth at the expense of the middle class?

Being middle class is very much part of America’s self-identity. When a 2008 Pew poll on the state of the middle class asked people to describe what social class they belonged to, nine out of 10 Americans saw themselves as middle class (53 percent said they were middle class, 19 percent described themselves as being “upper-middle class,” and another 19 percent described themselves as lower-middle class). Just 2 percent of respondents considered themselves upper class, six percent said lower class, and 1 percent did not answer the question. This overwhelming self-identitificion as middle class means that talking about the conditions and problems of the middle class resonates with most Americans.

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