“We could say to the rest of the world: we believe in freedom and intend to practice it.  We cannot force you to be free.  But we can offer full cooperation on equal terms for all.”

Free to Choose is an easy to understand book that explores the relationship between freedom and economics.  In this work, Milton and Rose Friedman cover a broad range of topics that are essential to economics, including the power of the market, free trade, centralized banking, welfare, equality, education, protecting the consumer and the worker, and inflation. 

The Friedmans make learning and understanding economics interesting and intuitive, by using helpful examples that are easy to remember.  This book serves as the written companion to a PBS TV-series under the same title that Milton Friedman also created.  The complete TV-series can be watched online at miltonfriedman.blogspot.com/

Due to his important work in economics, Milton Friedman is a winner of the Nobel Price and is considered one of the most influential economists of the 20th century.  This book is a must read!