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A comprehensive study of methane releases from modern natural gas wells conducted by the University of Texas and the Environmental Defense Fund has demonstrated that methane emissions from modern natural gas wells are a fraction of what was originally projected and well within levels that demonstrate the significant positive impacts to air quality and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the conversion to natural gas from other fossil fuels.  This study also demonstrates that the Park Foundation Funded efforts of Cornell professors to demonize the industry are totally flawed and result oriented, as the renowned author, Jon Entine, points out in his recent article published in Forbes. (Forbes Methane Releases Study).  Jon Entine is the Executive Director of the Genetic Literacy Project and is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Health and Risk Assessment at George Mason University.  Jon was one of the first authors to point out the funding connection between the infamous Cornell professors and the Park Foundation.

Notwithstanding this and other recent studies that have demonstrated significant positive benefits from natural gas production and the lack of any significant adverse consequences, New York State remains in “never-never land.”  Although the State is putatively awaiting word from the Commissioner of the Department of Health concerning the health impacts of drilling, one would think that a significant study such as this would be cause for celebration and support the conclusion that natural gas development does not lead to adverse health consequences.  Unfortunately, New York State remains mired in the politics of hydraulic fracturing and totally silent.

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